Since 1994, Kelly Ling has produced tens of thousands of Expo Directories to promote advertisers who wish to reach the homeschool market.  Each year, Homeschool Expo attendees enjoy the Expo Directory which is given out to the thousands who attend. It provides homeschoolers with Expo exhibitors’ names, contact information, and other local homeschooling information.

Kelly Ling is a former homeschooling mom of five children.  She and her husband homeschooled their children from the very beginning.  Kelly and all of her family currently reside in Georgia.

Because of her background and expertise with computers and advertising, Kelly has been producing the Expo directories for the Southeast Homeschool Expo, Chicago Homeschool Expo (no longer active), and Alabama Homeschool Expo (no longer active) from the very beginning.  Initially, the Expo Directories were only done in black & white.  And the ads were very simple.  As computer technology became more advanced, so did the Homeschool Expo Directories.