Last Advertising Discount Before 2017 Southeast Homeschool Expo




DISCOUNT SPECIAL ENDS 11:59 PM – Friday, February 24, 2017!

Have you seen the “news” on homeschooling lately?  Here are some recent articles from just the past couple of weeks.
If you had told me years ago where homeschooling would be today – I don’t know that I would have believed you.  The opportunities available for homeschool students are unbelievable!  And the number of people that continue to attend the Southeast Homeschool Expo shows that parents are taking a greater interest in their children’s education.
Homeschooling continues to explode! Today’s parents are at the gateway to a world of opportunities for their children. There are no limits to their choices. Why not take advantage of this opportunity to help them on their way!
Right now, take advantage of our best AND LAST advertising discount of the year. This discount WILL NOT BE REPEATED again! From now until February 24, 2017, we are discounting ALL of our advertising space – specialty pages included!

Full, half, and quarter page ads are 30% off!
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IMPORTANT! This offer good only until midnight, Friday, February 24, 2017! Covers and inside first page have limited availability. Please contact me to check availability before you purchase one. This offer is available via this email only – it is not published on our website.
Please remember that ads CAN BE purchased up to our deadline date.  This email is ONLY about the advertising discounts.

Click on the cover below to view last year’s directory in your browser.

To take advantage of this offer, visit and view the agreement. Decide what ad size you would like and email/fax the agreement back to me. Once your agreement has been received, you will receive an invoice for the ad you requested – including applicable discounts. If you would like to pay by Paypal, please indicate this in special instructions. All payments must be received within ten days of the signed agreement to qualify. If you require a W9 to process payment, please contact me ASAP! Remember, no other ad discounts apply.

Ad is not required until date specified on the agreement.

Homeschool Expo Directory has published branded homeschool directories for the Southeast Homeschool Expo, Alabama Homeschool Expo, and the Chicago Homeschool Expo. These yearly directories are handed out to all attendee families at the Expos. Previous directories are also available to view and download at
Each Expo attendee family receives a printed directory when they register and attend the Homeschool Expos. These directories are full of Expo information, national and local homeschool information, and advertising information from businesses like yours.
Many businesses choose to be in the directories when they cannot attend the Expos themselves. Others choose to attend AND be represented in the directories, making a double impact on Expo attendees. Ads are a great way to showcase your products/services and websites to those who are truly interested – homeschooling families!
Warm Regards,
Kelly Ling